烏特勒支 1592/93 - 1624
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Dirck van Baburen was a leading member of the Utrecht Caravaggisti, along with Hendrick ter Bruggen and Gerard van Honthorst. Fewer than forty autograph works are known by Baburen.

Characterized by his painterly style and exuberant broad brushstrokes, Dirck van Baburen was a leading member of the Utrecht Caravaggisti–a group of Utrecht artists who moved to Rome in the early seventeenth century, and upon their return, introduced the dramatic chiaroscuro and intense realism of Caravaggio to the North Netherlands. Until around 1620, the opulent mannerist paintings of Joachim Wtewael (1566–1638) and Abraham Bloemaert (1566–1651) prevailed in the predominantly Catholic city of Utrecht, while the progressive Italianate influence since the late sixteenth century had been primarily Venetian.

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