米蘭 1578 - 1630
Fede Galizia was a child prodigy of the early Italian Baroque and a leading female artist;

Galizia’s most important and best-loved works are a series of naturalistic still lifes, often of fruit seen on a metal or porcelain tazza set dramatically against a dark background. In this she was part of a Milanese movement, encouraged by Cardinal Federico Borromeo, which included Caravaggio (1571–1610), Ambrogio Figino (1540–1608) and Panfilo Nuvolone (1581–1651). As a result, she received the patronage of Milanese nobility and clergy, and is known to have been greatly appreciated at the Court of Rudolph II in Prague. Throughout her life she showed a versality in her work, producing grand biblical scenes commissioned by the anti-reformist Church under the Spanish Habsburgs as well as portraits and still lifes.

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1,249,517 $
2,055,000 $
2,415,000 $
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