皮亞琴察 1691 - 1765 羅馬
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Giovanni Paolo Panini (also spelt ‘Pannini’) was the foremost vedutista in eighteenth-century Rome.

Throughout his life, Panini displayed great artistic versality, producing successful architectural plans, frescoes and even fireworks. It was his easel paintings, however, that procured him the greatest fame. He produced vedute – landscapes and city views ­– of the Eternal City for the local nobility as well as wealthy Grand Tourists seeking souvenirs. Panini’s fame coincided with a broader interest in the marvels of classical Rome and which was paralleled by the vogue for Piranesi’s engravings of Roman sights. Sometimes described as ‘furnishing pictures’, paintings by Panini, were often conceived of as pairs and were integral to the decoration of the new neo-classical houses being built in eighteenth-century England.

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