奧斯坦德 1881 - 1946 布魯塞爾
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Léon Spilliaert was a painter of the fin de siècle Belgian avant-garde whose idiosyncratic style blends Symbolism, Expressionism and even Surrealism.

Spilliaert was driven by a meditative contemplation of his subjects, be it scrutinous introspection or the avid observation of nature. Among his most famous works are a series of haunted Self-portraits and his crepuscular views of Bruges and Ostend. Like many of the Symbolists, the majority of his significant output was on paper. His work was strongly affected by the existential dread of late nineteenth-century writers, especially Edgar Allen Poe. While he was greatly appreciated by his peers, like the Austrian author Stefan Zweig, it wasn’t until the 1970s that his work became better known to a wider public.

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