皮耶韋迪卡多雷 約 1488/90 - 1576 威尼斯
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Titian has always been regarded as the greatest Venetian painter.

Titian’s career coincided with a high point of Venetian cultural efflorescence, even at a time when her political influence had begun to decline. After the death of Giovanni Bellini (1430–1516) in 1516, Titian stepped into the latter’s place as the doyen of the Venetian school, but after the middle of the century he worked less for Venetian and Italian clients and more for the Spanish Hapsburgs, for whom, always based in his native city, he became a kind of court painter in absentia. He developed a personal relationship with the emperor Charles V, which continued with his son Philip II, making him the first European artist with a truly international reputation.

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