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Other Services

01/ Advice on buying

Some clients prefer to get a second / third opinion on prospective purchases and should you wish to receive such advise, we are happy to oblige – of course with discretion and fairness –  be it a purchase through auction or another gallery. Many of our clients have been with us for several decades and we want the best for them.

In addition, collectors ask for specific areas of interest and you can take advantage of our extensive network and market knowledge to bring to your attention appropriate works which match what you are looking for.

Nicholas Hall at an auction preview with Sotheby’s chairman and Old Master paintings specialist George Wachter

02/ Advice on selling

Can’t decide on whether, where and when to sell an artwork? We are happy to advise you on how to maximize the value of artworks you may wish to sell. Depending on your priorities you can decide whether to pursue the public or private option.

Very often you can achieve a price higher than an auction estimate selling through us though the time frame may be more extended.

Alternatively, we believe that some works will achieve a higher price at public auction and we will counsel you accordingly.

We have placed a number of works privately with public and private collections on a commission basis. Indeed, this is our core business.

A visitor looks at a painting by Jan Brueghel in the 2018 exhibition Endless Enigma: Eight Centuries of Fantastic Art organized by Nicholas Hall with David Zwirner ©David Zwirner and Nicholas Hall

03/ Market advice

Using data analysis and intel, we strive to understand the current state of the art market, which we are happy to share with our clients and friends of the gallery. We produce regular art market reports which focus on fairs and public auctions and these can be sent to you as newsletters and are also viewable on our website. But cut to the point, if you’d really like to know more about the market, let’s have a conversation! We can give you honest advice on what we believe are buying and selling opportunities.

Yuan Fang and Nicholas Hall presenting Old Master paintings in an exhibition in Shanghai, 2015
Isabelle Dove examines a gold ground in the gallery, 2021

04/ Collection management

We have extensive experience in the essential things which go behind looking after a work of art:

  • conservation and restoration
  • framing
  • art historical research
  • shipping
  • lighting
  • insurance
  • museum loans
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