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Past event

Into the Light

29 Jan 2021
12:00 noon EST / 17:00 GMT

An hour of immersion into the artistic experience of creation, viewing and conservation in and out of 16thcentury Florence – a period in which the territory of what is now Europe was at the eve of its expansion, full of social tension, internally plural and culturally diverse. The event is hosted on the occasion of Grey Matters, an exhibition that includes three rare surviving examples of paintings in grisaille by Jacopo Pontormo, the Florentine mannerist artist, which will be seen together for the first time in history at Nicholas Hall Gallery in New York.

Live streaming from the gallery, and animated by artist Christian Nyampeta alongside art historian Dennis Geronimus and conservator Shan Kuang, the event features entries from 16th century musical traditions, rare documents including fragments from Pontormos diaries, and a newly recorded video that reconstructs the sonic and lighting conditions under which the likes of Pontormos grisailles were made and viewed. Remarkably, the measure of lighting was not marked by its brightness and luminescent intensity but by the movements, imaginations and visions that it inspires.

Text by Christian Nyampeta

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