Hieronymus Bosch
(Contemporary follower of)

Garden of Earthly Delights

ca. 1515

oil on panel, transferred to canvas

183.5 x 172.5 cm

ca. 1515

oil on panel, transferred to canvas

183.5 x 172.5 cm


Charles Léon Cardon, Brussels, 1902
M. Helbing, Frankfurt am Main, 1922
Hubert Promnitz, Berlin, before 1931
Dr. Herbert Puttinger, Frankfurt am Main
Private collection, Fürth, from 1990
Germanisches, Nationalmuseum, on loan, Nuremburg, from 1991 (exhibited 1 March – 28 April 1991, subsequently in storage)
Private collection, Europe


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New York, David Zwirner, Endless Enigma: Eight Centuries of Fantastic Art, 12 September – 26 October 2018.


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