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Georg Pencz

ca. 1500 - 1550 Leipzig or Wrocław
Price range
1,000,000 – 3,000,000 USD +
Georg Pencz is generally regarded as the last great exponent of German renaissance art in the tradition of Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528).

Believed to have worked in the atelier of Dürer, he certainly spent most of his working life in Nuremburg where he was documented as an official painter to the City Council in 1532. Pencz’s reputation rests both on his engravings and his achievements as a painter. As a printmaker he is known as one of the ‘Little Masters’, on account of the small scale of all their prints, along with the brothers Sebald (1500–1540) and Barthel Beham (1502–1540). Pencz is thought by some to have visited Italy both in the late 1520s and around 1540 and certainly his surviving drawings and prints show a knowledge of Giulio Romano (1499–1546) in Mantua and even Michelangelo’s (1475–1564) Last Judgment in Rome. As a painter, for some reason, he blossomed after 1540 when he turned his back on compositional paintings such as the now destroyed Fall of Phaeton ceiling decoration for the home of Lienhard Hirschvogel and the Scenes from the Passion painted for King Sigismund I of Poland in 1538 (Wawel Cathedral, Krakow). Instead he focused on a series of portraits which are original and exact representations of patrician Nuremburg society.

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Selected Artworks

Top 3 auction prices

21,600 $
39,790 $
8,543,206 $


The sales are: Christie’s New York – 25 Jan 2007 lot 00049 (this is a work on paper), Sotheby’s London – 11 Dec 1991 lot 42 (22,000 GBP), and Christie’s London 6 Jul 2010 lot 00030 (5,641,250 GBP).
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Books on Georg Pencz

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