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Bernardo Daddi

Florence act. 1312 - 1348
Price range
1,000,000 – 3,000,000 USD +
Bernardo Daddi is generally regarded as one of Giotto’s (1266–1337) most important and influential pupils.

It was probably through his connection to Giotto that Daddi was commissioned to paint the frescoes showing the Martyrdom of Saints Lawrence and Stephen for the Pulci Beraldi Chapel in the prestigious Franciscan church of Santa Croce. These are Daddi’s only known frescoes. His great contribution to Florentine gothic painting, however, was the popularization of the decorative portable triptych. This was a format which he and his workshop produced in large quantities and which became a staple of Florentine, indeed Italian painting, from the early 1330s onwards. A prime example of this is the triptych in the Museo del Bigallo, Florence and depicts a Madonna enthroned with Saints in the center, a Nativity on the left wing and a Crucifixion on the right. Other artists who adopted the small format include his contemporaries Taddeo Gaddi (1290–1366) (on occasion), Lippo di Benivieni (active 1296–1327) and Pacino di Buonaguido (1280–1340). Such works which Offner characterized as showing a ‘miniaturist tendency’ display Daddi’s capacity to produce lyrical, precious images whose flowing line and brilliant coloring owe as much to Daddi’s Sienese contemporary Pietro Lorenzetti (1280–1348) as to his presumed master Giotto.

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Selected Artworks

Top 3 auction prices

1,419,425 $
2,919,480 $
3,861,000 $


The sales are: Artcurial – 23 Mar 2022 lot 30 (1,290,400 EUR), Sotheby’s London – 7 July 2004 lot 38 (1,573,600 GBP), and Christie’s New York – 14 April 2016 lot 125. Updated 18th March 2024.
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Books on Bernardo Daddi

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