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Urbino 1483 - 1520 Rome
Price range
3,000,000 USD +
Together with Michelangelo and Leonardo, Raphael has for centuries been admired as one of the giants of the High Renaissance in Italy.

Although he died young, at the age of only thirty-seven, Raphael’s legacy of classicism, of a supremely graceful and harmonious art which strove towards ideals of perfect balance and beauty, dominated the academic tradition of European painting until the mid-nineteenth century. Giorgio Vasari deemed the gracious and urbane Raphael the “prince of painters” and, befitting an artist named for an archangel, the biographer judged his works “divine.”

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Selected artworks

Top 3 auction prices

37,313,432 $
47,852,600 $
48,009,960 $


The sales are: Christie’s London – 5 Jul 2007 lot 91 (18,500,000 GBP), Sotheby’s London – 5 Dec 2012 lot 52 (29,721,250 GBP; this is a work on paper), and Christie’s London – 8 Dec 2009 lot 43 (29,161,250 GBP; also a work on paper). Updated 19th March 2024.
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Books on Raphael

Antonio Forcellino, Raphael: A Passionate Life, Cambridge, 2012.

Konrad Oberhuber, Raphael, the Paintings, New York, 1999.

John Shearman, Raphael’s Cartoons in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen and the Tapestries for the Sistine Chapel, London, 1972.

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